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Our members

The association consists of active and honorary members.

Active members
These are independent companies in the machinery and tools industry and other companies of our trade. The conditions for membership are a registration in the Swiss Commercial Register for at least 1 year.

Honorary members
People who have given particular service to the association may be elected as honorary members by the general meeting.

Your benefits as tecnoswiss member

As a modern association of Swiss machine and tool distributors, tecnoswiss offers further benefits to its member companies in addition to the national and international political and industrial advocacy.

We organize and participate in specialized exhibition and trade fairs, such as PRODEX and HOLZ in Basel.

tecnoswiss also provides their members attractive associational services as well as access to a wide range of benefits by its partners.

Various publications such as standard sales contracts, standard sales conditions, standard agency agreements, standard distributorship agreements and further material in several languages is available for the members.

With the biannual tecnoswiss newsletter we inform all members about worth knowing information and news of our industry.

In addition, sector-specific surveys among the members are arranged. All participants benefit from the results of these interpretations of the market as well as of additional industry-specific import statistics.

Through our partners we offer special, cost-saving BVG solutions, competitive transport rates and many more.

Build up business relationships to other members for example during one of our events. Our yearly general meeting and group meetings or other regular meetings offers opportunities to you.

Advertise your company. In our member search you can present yourselve by product groups and brands.

This is a selection of benefits why you should decide for a membership.

Our services to members


  • General terms & conditions of delivery in German and French
  • Invoicing principles for customer service (technician) tariffs in German and French
  • Sole distributor contracts and agency contracts in English

Market-conditions survey:
Every six months (at the end of June and December each year), the association conducts a market-conditions survey. The answers pass directly from the members to our umbrella association VSIG Swiss Trade, which carries out the evaluation, acting on trust and in strict confidence. The survey covers the areas of new orders, the level of orders on hand, the sales revenue invoiced, and also an assessment of prospects. The investigations are separated by category: machine tools, timber-processing machinery, tools and second-hand machines. All members who take part in the survey receive the complete evaluation about 3 weeks after the survey reference date, so that very up-to-date facts and figures are available to them for further assessment and interpretation. The annual summary can be consulted on our WEBSITE in the MEMBER area.

Trade exhibitions:
tecnoswiss represents members’ interests in organising and holding trade fairs (e.g. PRODEX and HOLZ), ensuring that its members are able to benefit from more favourable exhibition terms and conditions.

Customs import statistics:
Participants in the market-conditions survey also receive the monthly import figures compiled by the Swiss Customs Administration. These relate to imports of machine tools and timber-processing machinery, structured according to customs category. These figures provide members with a good indication of the Swiss market in our branches of business.

Group meetings:
The METAL or TIMBER group meetings which take place in late autumn every year, give all members a welcome opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas. In addition, at the meeting problems specific to individual branches of business are presented and discussed. Guest speakers are also regularly invited.

General meeting:
The general meeting, held in the spring of each year, is intended to bring together the active members of both groups in a somewhat formal setting and to foster personal contact between association colleagues. The president’s annual report provides a summary of association activity, the association problems waiting to be dealt with and the economic situation. An authoritative figure from the world of politics or commerce is regularly invited, in order to talk about a subject of topical interest as a guest speaker.

Representation in other associations and institutions:
tecnoswiss is represented by a delegate on the management board of its umbrella association, VSIG Swiss Trade. Thanks to this seat on the board, tecnoswiss is able to draw attention to the problems of our industry and to defend our association’s interests. On the other hand, through this delegate, tecnoswiss is kept informed of the activities of the umbrella association.

EKAS (Federal Co-ordination Board for Safety at Work):
Our association offers its members the opportunity of joining the EKAS solution of the Swissavant (Swiss Ironmongery Association) and VSIG (Swiss Trade) on favourable terms.

Wholesale trade compensation fund:
As a member of VSIG Swiss Trade, tecnoswiss is linked to the wholesale trade compensation fund.

International activities:
tecnoswiss is a member of Celimo (Machine-tool Importers European Liaison Committee). Celimo is the European federation of almost all European associations in the machine-tool trade. It thereby has the opportunity of taking part in the international exchange of ideas and in campaigns at the pan-European level.

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President Group METAL:
Herr Pirmin Zehnder
c/o Newemag Werkzeugmaschinen
6274 Eschenbach
Tel. 041 798 31 00

President Group TIMBER:
Herr Peter Eigenmann
c/o Eigenmann AG
9615 Dietfurt
Tel. 071 982 8888 

Secretary general of tecnoswiss:
Herr Markus Etienne
Tel. +41 41 377 47 45