Code of ethics

We act credibly: The way in which we do business is crucial for the reputation and the success of our companies

We act as honest and independent people. The trust of our customers and suppliers in our companies is the basis for success. We are fair in our relationships with customers and suppliers and do not let our business partners down. We look forward to fair competition in our sales markets. We demonstrate responsibility by selecting our business partners carefully.

We abide by the rules of the Competition Law

Our activities strictly conform to all applicable anti-trust laws and other laws for regulating competition:

  • We abide by the regulations of the Act Against Unfair Practices, Article 1, of the Swiss Code of Law and oppose unfair competition, in particular inducement to breach of contract, deception, adulteration and the application of abusive terms and conditions.
  • We are dutybound to open, independent competition and in no way do we enter into agreements with competitors in order to fix prices or to stifle products, markets, territories or customers.
  • We do not exchange any information about current or future prices, profit margins, service costs, quotations, market shares, sales practices, terms of sale, customers or dealers with competitors.
  • We do not conclude agreements with our customers and dealers for the resale of our products at a particular price.
  • We do not undertake any activities by which we would favour one customer over another customer in an unfair way.
We do not pay any brides

Repute as a principled concern of integrity must not be compromised by offering bribes. In dealing with officials or with relations in private business, companies and employees must neither directly nor through middlemen offer or afford financial or other undue advantages in order to obtain new contracts, secure existing contracts or to gain an otherwise improper advantage in the business process.

We protect our credibility by refusing gifts and favours

Acceptance of gifts and invitations from business partners or offers of such favours undermine our credibility. Employees must therefore not offer to existing or potential business partners or accept any gifts, payments, invitations or services by which it may reasonably be assumed that these are influencing business transactions or fall outside the accepted limits of business hospitality.

We protect confidential information and observe the intellectual property rights of other parties

Information is a valuable asset. Information that employees obtain from any source in the context of their work must be treated confidentially. We protect in-house secrets and observe the intellectual property rights of other parties. Employees must not obtain the confidential information of other parties by fraudulent means nor reveal information of this sort without authorisation.

We comply with money laundering laws

The commitment to fairness, honesty and openness necessitates the observance of all money laundering laws. Generally speaking, money laundering exists when moneys from illicit sources are funneled into reputable financial channels in order to conceal them or to have them appear legitimate.

We comply with product liability laws and regulations

Product quality is the basis for high product safety. In order to maintain the good reputation of our companies, full observance of the laws and regulations on the part of the concern and its employees is counted on. We expect our colleagues to be familiar with the law insofar as it bears on their professional activities. Management is responsible for training and advising the workforce as may be required, with respect to safety procedures in particular.

We promote sustainable development and support responsible preservation of the environment

Members of our association contribute to the realisation of the long-term goals of the concern by fostering economic progress and shouldering responsibility for environmental protection and social development. Future viability means that we deal with all interest groups in a socially responsible manner. Every employee is responsible for complying with laws and regulations in respect of conservation of the environment both in the literal and in the figurative sense and for protecting the environment in any surroundings whatsoever.

Basel, 23 March 2018