The founding

The association tecnoswiss was founded on 21 May 1921 in Zurich under the original name VSMWH, Verband des Schweizer Maschinen- und Werkzeughandels. Then, Max Brenner was elected as president in the "Zunft zur Zimmerleuten". Max Brenner led this office until the first General Meeting and again from March 1922 to October 1928.
In Bern, A. Huber was elected as president at the first General Meeting on 9 July 1921. In March 1922, after approximately six months he gave over the function again to the founding president Max Brenner.
The listed presidents of tecnoswiss can regularly look back on a long tenure.

tecnoswiss emerges from VSMWH

In 2006 the Verband des Maschinen- und Werkzeughandels [Machine and Tool Trade Association] gave itself a new name and a new look. About two years were allocated for the project to redesign the association's image.
The changes and dynamics in the industry that the member companies were confronted with in the field were key reasons for the redesign, as well as the increasing internationality that shows to advantage with the expressive name.
The association has always done important background work in the industry. The member companies benefit from a representation of interests and services in the trade and import fields, e.g. contracts, economic data and framework agreements with partners.